Mek Mulung

Mek Mulung

2 class (4hr) per week x 5 weeks

Class Content: 

Mek Mulung is a traditional theatre performance that includes elements of acting, dance, instrumental music and singing.

The Mek Mulung performance is one of the traditional cultures that can only be found in the state of Kedah Darul Aman, namely in Kampung Baru Wang Tepus, Alor Setar. This village is located in the northern part of Kedah, namely in Tanah Merah; about 12 kilometres from Pekan Jitra.

Mek Mulung is a performance from old Malay culture where most of it is from folk tales and stories of the Gods. The performance uses the old Kedah language mixed with a little bit of Siamese plates (Omar Abdullah 1973).